I'm not a writing coach. I'm a writer coach. 

What's the difference? It's the difference between working on making your writing better, and partnering with me to make yourself a better writer.

What exactly is coaching? Better to start with what coaching is not

  • Teaching

  • Therapy

  • Co-Authoring

  • Ghost writing

Coaching is a unique and amazing process that taps into your inner resources. Answer your burning questions about your craft, your career and your life. If you're an aspiring writer with a great passion to succeed creatively and professionally, or a working writer with a great desire to become more integrated so that both your writing and your life shine, coaching is the way. 

My training as a coach -- I am certified by the Coaching Training Alliance -- broadens and deepens the relationship so that it is co-creativeIt's hard to know just how valuable coaching is until you experience it. That's why I invite you to a free discovery session to determine if coaching is right for you.