Partner with Oscar-nominated screenwriter Roger S.H. Schulman to make your content more effective and entertaining, and make writing a joy.

Invest three minutes and discover why you must use storytelling to deliver your message. Click the triangle on Roger's face.


I've worked in Hollywood for three decades honing storytelling skills that have earned me an Academy Award nomination. a British Academy Award, an Emmy nomination, an NAACP Image Award, and many more accolades.

Now I'm bringing those storytelling skills to your writing, presentations and speaking so that story, character and humor can work their magic on your mission. 

Beware! Writing what you think you ought to write by following trends, taking notes from the wrong people, or neglecting research is not only bad writing, but turns you into a bad writer. And bad writing, speaking or presenting can cost you a client, an account, even your job. Misfired messaging can get the entire project or company sailing in the wrong direction. As a former journalist as well as a screenwriter, I know how to blend the substance of fact with the pull of fiction to help you make your

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compelling, authentic, memorable and entertaining. Advance your mission, your career... and yourself. 

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iPad Pros: Screenwriting and Coaching with Roger S. H. Schulman Part I


COACHING: Much more than “script doctoring,” Roger helps not just the project, but the writer to a new level of excellence. Whether it’s a project in progress or your overall creative workflow, Roger customizes his approach to turn you into a writer who sells.

Break your blocks. Harness wisdom you don’t even know you have. Roger will help you connect your outer and inner stories so you can actually do better than “your best.” Roger is certified by the Coaching Training Institute, the most recognized such organization in the world.

CORPORATE: A project that isn't informative and involving is dead in the water. It's not enough that they understand you — they have to care. Roger knows how to make them care about your project, your message — and you. No matter the mission, Roger works with the C-Suite to use storytelling tools that will wow your audience while penetrating them with your message.  

COMMUNICATING: Learn how to turn your message into a character. Find out what genre best suits your value proposition. Use humor the right way. Roger brings his engaging and entertaining style to address groups on the secrets behind effective creative business writing. Roger's overarching theme is that human beings are wired for story and respond best when a good story is the medium of communication. 

COMPOSITION: If what you need is a polished product, and fast, just hand it over. Roger is available to write or rewrite a script as a work for hire. 

Thanks for presenting the webinar today. It’s like looking into a diamond through one of the many facets. The sparkles are shining a new light on some of my existing characters and, I’m sure, those I’ll dream up in the future.
— J.T.
You were tossing out gold nuggets faster than I could catch with my pail.
— K.W.
[Roger is] incredibly articulate, and able to convey complex ideas in beautifully clear phrases.
— A.P.