Breaking Writers Block

I want to commend to you a post in the Rescue Time blog about how to get off the dime when you’re trying to write and that dime is covered in some kind of extraterrestrial unbreakable glue and you’re standing right atop it. If you don’t know, Rescue Time is a fine product for browsers that monitors what you do with your time and helps you do more of the things you want and do less of the things you do not want.  

I would add to the sage advice of the article that I have found that indulging in creative efforts other than writing can be a fine way to both give the writing cells of your brain a rest while keeping the overall creative force alive and thriving. Sing a song. Dance (for God’s sake, as if someone is watching you); draw, doodle, paint, play an instrument if you know how.  

Have fun! And let’s all be thankful for the beautiful, living and ever-changing English language and the many gifts it gives us each day, every phoneme, all the words.